Limited Ramen 2014

Limited Ramen 2014 : 「女性が1人でも気軽にラーメン屋に入れるように」と言うコンセプトで2011年に創業した 株式会社ソラノイロ公式サイトです。 麺スープトッピング全てに野菜を使用した「ベジソバ」 ベジタリアン向け「ヴィーガンラーメン」 小麦アレルギーの方向け「グルテンフリーラーメン」も日本で1番早くグランドメニューに取り入れています。 各店舗メニュー、店舗情報などをご紹介します。

Limited Ramen 2014


Amakusa Daioh Chicken Shio Chinese Soba

This is a shio ramen that uses “Amakusa Daioh Chicken” from Kumamoto,
which it is only limited during New Years every year.
The sauce if made from mussle salted sauce.
The soup is made from 100% Amakusa Daioh Chicken,
and the oil is from Amakusa Daioh chicken oil.
For toppings, we have the chicken breast, chicken thighs chashu,
marinated eggs, spinach, white leek, daikon sprouts, bamboo shoots,
and yuzu. Please try the compacted chicken umami.

※Unavailable now

SORA Oyster Chowder

men eiji@Saporro x sonocco (Bread Classroom)
The characteristic to this interesting collaboration with SORANOIRO,
is the thick oyster soup that you may even mistaken as stews.
The wheat flour is blended with Ebetsu Seifun’s yumechikara, and kitahonami.
We don’t use affusion or water, it is a gluten-free noodles with just raw eggs.

※Unavailable now

SORA Thick Wakame Seaweed Ramen with Green Tea

This time we followed the theme of「Unchanging」
and made the wakame seaweed ramen.
The toppings are white fish substituting chashu,
nutritional spinach that consists of beta-carotene and other vitamins,
and almonds that are high in oleic acid.
We also use yam for restoration of youth, high nutritional values,
and a better intestinal system.

※Unavailable now

Nagori Cherry Shunsai Noodles

This time we have created a shio ramen,
made from Taisei Food’s Sakura noodles
mixed with shrimp soup and shrimp oil.
For toppings, we have sakura ebi, slice ginger, fried onions,
spring cabbage, takenoko mushrooms boiled in soy sauce,
pink shio marinated egg, and chashu made from low temperature.
Please enjoy the sakura ebi cooked rice at the end.

※Unavailable now

Staff Meal Meat Soba

We arranged the popular menu from salt&mushroom,
to make it in ramen style from「That store」.
You will be addicted after one bite from this bowl full of vegetables,
chashu, wide and thick noodles, along with the back fat that helps your appetite,
we definitely recommend this to those who has a big appetite now!!

※Unavailable now

Cold Dried Sardines

We use the cold soup that is made with a lot of kombu,
and high quality dried sardines cooked in low temperature.
There are no bitter taste or smell to the dried sardines.
Please enjoy this clear translucent soup.

SORA Halloween Yellow Noodles

The limited menu this time,
is a vegan ramen made from Autumn’s seasonal vegetables and pumpkins,
with premium soy milk.
The sweetness of the pumpkin and the thickness of the soy milk,
really match with the rich soup and noodles mixed with pumpkin powder.
Please enjoy the soybean meat and pumpkin croquette as well!

※Unavailable now

SORA Veggie Premium Soy Milk Ramen

This limited ramen is a collaboration with
“Fuji Oil’s Premium Soy Milk” from Mameplus Monthly
The colourful vegetables and spicy miso,
are very compatible with the thick soy milk.
The grain of the Japanese pepper provides a thrill to the noodles!
Please enjoy the cheese balls at the end as well.

※Unavailable now

Mushroom Soba

We made a soupless version of the mushroom veggie soba,
which was very popular from the old 2nd store.
Please try this noodle made from shiitake mushrooms,
and mixed with mushroom paste.

SORA Bean and Cereal Noodles

The noodles and soup are made from a lot of red beans,
then finish off with beans.
The toppings are red beans, chickpea, lentil,
quinoa, amaranthus, rolled barley, sunflowers,
pumpkin seeds, and spelt wheat grain.
We can also make the brown rice into risotto.
Let’s try and finish all of this healthy soup!

※Unavailable now

Chicken Gingseng Soup Soba (Winning Product from the First Staff Competition)

This is a soup made from chicken wings full of collagen,
and ginger, carrots and nutmeg with high nutrition value.
Ginseng chicken soup is perfect for prevention of cold,
and also said to be very high in nutritional values.
Please try this popular herbal soup from Korea.

※Unavailable now

Year End Soki Soba

The year end soba in 2014 is inspired from a Singaporean dishbak kut teh”
and we made it into a soki soba.

Please have fun trying the soki soba,
where the pepper and carrots give a kick to the taste.