Limited Ramen 2016

Limited Ramen 2016 : 「女性が1人でも気軽にラーメン屋に入れるように」と言うコンセプトで2011年に創業した 株式会社ソラノイロ公式サイトです。 麺スープトッピング全てに野菜を使用した「ベジソバ」 ベジタリアン向け「ヴィーガンラーメン」 小麦アレルギーの方向け「グルテンフリーラーメン」も日本で1番早くグランドメニューに取り入れています。 各店舗メニュー、店舗情報などをご紹介します。

Limited Ramen 2016


Staff Nakamura's Chilli Con Ramen

This is a collaboration with an authentic American family meal
“the Chili bowl”.
First, try the dish as it is,
then enjoy it after melting the spice from the chili bowl.
For toppings, we have bean sprouts and corn balls which are compatible with miso ramen.


This is a limited noodle with noodles and soup made with chocolate.
The soup is a special curry soup made with cocoa mass and caramel…etc to make it become black.
When the whip cream melts in the center,
the taste will also change, so it is quite interesting♪
For toppings, we have spiced chashu,
cherry tomatoes, fried bananas…etc
so there are many delicious textures in there!

Vegan Tomato Cream Tsukemen

It is a one day limited noodle using:
Paprika noodles
Marinated tomatoes and onions
Tofu croquette
Shrunk spinach
Chia seeds and balsamic gelatin
dipping sauce

Sanriku Wakame Seaweed Beef Soup Ramen

It is the 5th year this year.
This is a limited ramen with raw wakame from Ishinomaki Jyusanhama Miyagi Prefecture as toppings.
The soup is a clear soup that takes long hours for the beef bone and potherb to boil,
and it does not consist of a distinctive smell.
As for the toppings, we have the beef tendon cooked with rock salt.
With the raw wakame seaweed from Miyagi Prefecture boiled,
we would add it to seasame oil and white sesame as well.
We can also make it Korean style by using tteokbokki mixed with Korean red chili paste,
along with Korean seaweed and Korean red pepper.

Staff Takano's Triple Chashu Miso

SORANOIRO NIPPON’s first limited ramen!
This limited ramen from Tokyo Station,
is a miso ramen that is perfect for this cold winter.
It includes all three beef, pork, and chicken chashu in it.
The garlic gives a great punch to it,
and it is also full of vegetables!
By mixing crushed ginger into the soup half-way,
will also help keep your body warm.

Staff Tsuji's "Visit of Spring" Sakura Ebi Shio Ramen

It is made from amaebi’s head, shiitake mushrooms,
konbu, and dried mackerels.
We only use the head of amaebi,
so please enjoy the aroma from the shrimps.
With the image of cherry blossoms,
we used fried shrimps and pink-coloured eggs.

Gorgeous Curry Mixed Soba

Please try this spicy dish with several spices added to coconut milk,
mixing with thick curly noodles with special curry roux.
It also consists of roast pork cooked in low temperature,
as well as cherry tomatoes from Yamamoto Farm in Ehime Prefecture.
Also, you can try changing its spiciness to mild,
by breaking a soft-boiled egg at the right timing!
We also have limes and grapefruits provided for you.

Mushroom Veggie Soba

SORANOIRO old’s 2nd store
Salt & Mushroom’s popular menu
A collaboration with “Mushroom Harvesting Kit”
which is revived only for a limited time!
This bowl filled with noodles, soup, and toppings all made from mushrooms,
is only available in SORANOIRO.
With cheese risotto at the end, will definitely be the best combination ever!

Cold Dried Sardines Shio Ramen

The first limited cold noodles is the shio ramen,
which uses a cold soup along with the best small dried sardines from Ibukijima Island.
In order for customers to finish the soup to the last single drop,
we had the umami brought out at a perfect low temperature.

Chopped Salad Vegan Cold Chinese Nooldes~Japanese Styled~

It is a vegan bowl that does not use any animal products or chemical seasonings.
The soup stock made from sauce, kombu, and shiitake mushrooms, soy sauce,
the sweet vinegar made from plover vinegar,
and mix with the miso sesame sauce made from two different types of miso.
For toppings, we have Chinese cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes,
watermelon raddish mix with miso sesame dressing.
Please enjoy various food textures from the dried figs, natto, and apricots.

Staff Sakuramoto's Asian Cold Chinese Noodle

The second SORANOIRO NIPPON cold ramen,
is a mixed noodle style.
There is fish sauce in the soup,
and for the toppings we have fried gapao,
which brings you an Asian feel to this bowl.
For you to enjoy this without getting bored till the end,
we have also prepared citrus fruits to give it a kick.

「Pesticide-free Organic」Shimane Eggplant Vegan Tsukemen

For the dipping sauce, we based it on eggplants from Shimane’s organic farms,
along with soy milk, cumin, and fenugreek.
For the toppings, we sauteed the eggplants with coconut oil,
and also curry-flavoured croquette, an okra marinated with cilantro.
We also sauteed pickled red paprika, fresh tomatoes,
pumpkins and zucchinis in olive oil.

Tenshiocho x SORANOIRO SORA Tenshio Shijimi Clam Champon

The best ingredients in the “Three of Emishi” go all the way back in history.
This is a champon with the soup stock made from “Tenshiogawa River’s Clams”.
Please also enjoy the clam cooked rice.

Cold Chinese Noodles

This is a cold Chinese noodle in big volume
with spicy tandoori chicken,
along with a lot of vegetables,
to bring you a salad feel to it!

SORA Cold Kitsune Soba with Sudachi's Jelly

This year for our sudachi pilgrimage,
we have created a raw sudachi and sudachi jelly.
Please try the noodles mixed with the jelly!
The noodles is made from whole-grain wheat flour,
as it was made with the image of soba.
The sudachi is organic, so you can eat the skin as well!

Sudachi's Oriental Noodle

The limited ramen of the sudachi pilgrimage sold from Sora,
consists of an Asian taste as the sauce is made from fish sauce and nuts.
This is a cold noodle with a lot of vegetables such as the sudachi, cilantro, shrimps,
and avocados!

Kamiyama Sudachi's Onkake

This is a warm bowl using abundant seasonal sudachi.
Please try this sudachi along with the skin and ramen together.

SORA Mushroom Veggie Clear Soup Noodle

For this veggie clear soup, you will be able to taste the deliciousness of the soybeans,
and at the same time it brings out the umami and guanylic acid from the mushrooms.
In order to optimize the umami flavour,
we use our homemade mushroom paste, oil, and powder,
in order the enhance the mushroom flavour.

Hokkaido Noodle ~A Trip to Sano's Ingredients~

Starting with domestic wheat flour,
Mr. Sano wants to show gratitude as he discovered a lot of ingredients,
so please try this bowl of ramen.