Limited Ramen 2017

Limited Ramen 2017 : 「女性が1人でも気軽にラーメン屋に入れるように」と言うコンセプトで2011年に創業した 株式会社ソラノイロ公式サイトです。 麺スープトッピング全てに野菜を使用した「ベジソバ」 ベジタリアン向け「ヴィーガンラーメン」 小麦アレルギーの方向け「グルテンフリーラーメン」も日本で1番早くグランドメニューに取り入れています。 各店舗メニュー、店舗情報などをご紹介します。

Limited Ramen 2017


「The Beginning of Spring」Dried Sardines Chinese Soba

Through 2 days of preparations using various sardines such as
dried Sardine, Urume Sardine, Horse Mackerel
in order to make this bitter soup combined with glutinous thick noodles.
For toppings, we have raddish, mochi, tofu,
and wheat gluten chopped salad which is based on the image of the last snow in Winter.
Please enjoy a variety of food textures!

Ona's Meat Soba

This is a soup with Seto’s mochi pork’s back fat
combined into Tonkotsu soup.
There are bean sprouts and cabbage loaded on top,
as well as the thickly cut pork chashu.
We can also adjust the amount of fat and garlic for your preference as well.

Kuzushi Tofu and Sakura Ebi Wakame Seaweed Shio Soba

It is the time of the year,
to use wakame seaweed made from Ishinomaki Jyuusanhama Miyagi Prefecture,
where we held the “Youngters Who Change Ramen in Japan” event (Temporary)
for supporting the restoration of Tohoku.
Please enjoy the wakame seaweed that brings Spring to Tohoku.

Real SORA Wakame Seaweed Ramen

To show the love to our store owner’s favourite cup ramen,
we used the raw wakame seaweed from Ishinomaki Miyagi Prefecture
to show our support to the restoration of Tohoku!

Spring Vegetables Colourful Soba

Please try this cabbage mixed in Western-styled soup, with our secret salted sauce to make a puree on top.
Spring cabbage, red paprika, yellow tomatoes, snap string beans,
basil, walnut, salmn and chicken chashu, with grapefruits add as a change.

Olive oil, basil oil

Parmesan and Mushroom Soba

We arranged our famous menu at our store “Mushroom Veggie Clear Soup Soba”
with toss soba.
The aroma from the shredded parmigiano reggiano and truffle oil will help your appetite.
If you add tonkotsu soup half-way,
you will be able to enjoy a tonkotsu mushroom pairing!

Colourful Marinated Dried Sardines Soba

We created this toss soba with dried sardines Chinese soba as base,
in order to provide you with this breakfast ramen!
With the colourful marinated vegetables,
you will be able to have a wholesome meal!

Plum and Summer Manarine Oranges Cold Soba

With the citric acids from the plums and summer mandarine oranges,
it will definitely help bring your power back to your exhausted body in summer!
The seasonal spice will make an appearance this early summer with its freshness.
For change of taste, the green plum sherbet would be perfectly sour and chilled☆

Hokkaido Enbetsucho~Takenouchi's~Mini Tomatoes Cold Noodle

The store manager Miyazaki, happened to pass by Tenshiocho in Hokkaido by chance,
and found the best limited tomatoes. Please kindly enjoy the three types of mini tomatoes
in sugar concentration of 3 degree “as it is” “with specially made onion dressing” and “tomato kimchi”.
We use around more than 200 grams of tomatoes in a bowl, so please enjoy it.

Colourful Cold Chinese Noodle

We made this cold Chinese noodle with SORANOIRO style,
along with sweet vinegar and sesame dressing.
Please try it during this hot summer!

Real Veggie Chilled Noodle

We use our premium carrots harvested from SORANOIRO’s organic farm in Shimane Prefecture,
and we also provide it to Mister Donuts for their veggie chilled noodles in SORANOIRO version!

Peach x Mini Tomatoes Collaboration Cold Noodle

The soup is made from Amakusa Daioh chickens from Kumamoto Prefecture,
with chicken broth and tomatoes as base,
and it becomes a soup with a whole refreshing feeling.
This is a bowl filled with tomatoes as the noodles are mixed with tomatoes as well.

The mini tomatoes can be eaten in three different ways;
fresh, marinated and pickled, and pickled in wine.
The main will be the tomato and chicken thigh sauce,
the water eggplant in season, as well as the mini tomatoes, and chicken thighs.

Kamiyama Sudachi's Different Citrus Yogurt Cold Noodles

It is the 4th year this year with Sudachi,
so our store owner, Miyazaki, has created a dessert ramen.
It is a delicious cold noodle with sudachi and sourness from the yogurt.
We mix grapefruits, oranges, limes, lemons with sudachi with salmons.
Please try this new challenge made from SORANOIRO.

「Dakekimi」Cold Noodle

It is the 4th time this year!
Dakekimi corn has the highest sugar concentration comparing to other corns,
it is around 18 degree which is similar to a cantaloupe.
4 years ago, I was introduced by My. Nagao, from a famous store in Aomori, Nagao Chinese Soba,
about Dakekimi corn, and I wanted to let customers in Tokyo to also try this deliciousness,
so I worked really hard to create this.

Sudachi's Aromatic Cold Noodle

This is a refreshing soup with Japanese-styled sauce.
The toppings are lotus roots, raddish, beets, plant roots,
and Sudachi’s sliced marinated pickled food, pickled vegetables, and winter melons.
With Sudachi as main, please enjoy it by starting with the aroma!

Pumpkin Halloween Tsukemen

The soup is a thick pumpkin potage soup.
This is a bowl with noodles also made with pumpkins.
For change of taste, please enjoy our various spiced mushrooms,
as well as cream cheese pumpkin salad as well.

Pumpkin Vegan Veggie Soba

This is a bowl full of a thick pumpkin soup,
as well as noodles made with pumpkins as well.
In the middle, we have a pumpkin croquette.
For a change of taste, there is kinoko mushroom and shimeji mushrooms with spice,
as well as sliced ginger, so you will be able to enjoy this 2 to 3 times with different tastes!

Mackerel Pike Thickening Pepper Noodle

This is a ramen used efficiently with mackerel pike!
The toppings are salad made with mizuna greens, okra, macrophyll,
garland chrysanthemum, as well as fried gingered mushrooms.

Autumn's Pumpkin Tsukemen

All of the noodles, soup, and toppings were made by pumpkin,
this is definitely a gentle bowl full of pumpkins.

Onion Veggie Soba~Onion Gratin Soup~