Limited Ramen 2019

Limited Ramen 2019 : 「女性が1人でも気軽にラーメン屋に入れるように」と言うコンセプトで2011年に創業した 株式会社ソラノイロ公式サイトです。 麺スープトッピング全てに野菜を使用した「ベジソバ」 ベジタリアン向け「ヴィーガンラーメン」 小麦アレルギーの方向け「グルテンフリーラーメン」も日本で1番早くグランドメニューに取り入れています。 各店舗メニュー、店舗情報などをご紹介します。

Limited Ramen 2019


Summer Vegetables and Fruits Shio Cold Noodles

We use seasonal summer vegetables and fruits, pickled eggplant, cherry tomatoes, paprika, herbs, grapes, and figs as toppings, so it brings out the sourness in the shio cold noodles.
It gives an extra taste along with the shrimp salt found in Vietnam.

Ibuki Dried Sardines Cold Noodles

This is a bowl full of horse mackerel dried sardines from Ibuki which is very difficult to obtain.
The roast mochi pork shoulder from Seto is also delicious.

Green Juice Cold Noodles

This is a collaboration with Kyusai’s green juice.
Mixing the soup and noodles with green juice, makes it even more delicious.
This is a cold noodle that is refreshing and healthy!!

Soil Dried Sardines Noodles

This is a super thick ramen which includes around 150g of dried sardines.
Please enjoy the dried horse mackerel’s tough texture.

Chilled Yuzu Shio Dried Sardines Noodles

This is a ramen made with yuzu as the beginning, together with dried sardines, which is perfect for summer

Domestic Beef Motsu Miso Ramen

This is a miso ramen made with Amakusa Daioh’s chicken soup, and special miso sauce.
For toppings, there are big pieces of domestic beef’s small intestines, taro rice cakes,
marinated tomatoes, lotus roots kinpira…etc
This ramen is available for a limited time only.
This is perfect for this cold winter.
Please try it!

Herb Green Sio Ramen

We made this shio ramen by using various different types of herbs,
chicken soup x mint oil to create a refreshing taste.
With the sourness of pineapples and tomatoes, it also helps with your appetite.
Please enjoy this refreshing limited ramen in SORANOIRO’s style.

Sanriku Wakame Seaweed SORANOIE

We created this SORANOIRO-styled home special tonkotsu ramen
with seasonal sanriku wakame seaweed.

Colourful Cold Chinese Noodle

We created this menu based on the recipe we learned from an Akasaka’s Michelin’s 1 star restaurant「Chinese Uzumaki’s Onuma Store Owner」.
For toppings we have sesame sauce mixed together, and also sweet vinegar hidden underneath the noodles.
You will be able to enjoy this bowl of noodles twice. Please mix well before eating.

Cold Dried Sardines Shio Ramen

The season of cold noodles is here again this year!
The popular menu【Cold Dried Sardines Shio Ramen】from last year has now returned again this year!
We used the best quality of dried sardines from Ibukijima, Kagawa Prefecture.
Please try the rich-flavoured soup as well.

Cold Chinese Noodle

The hot season is here once again this year!
SORANOIRO Dining Hall’s first limited ramen is the cold Chinese noodle.
This ramen is very dining hall-like.
Please kindly try it.

Soy Milk Cold Tantanmen〜With Homemade Chili Oil〜

Here comes the appearance of SORANOIRO NAGOYA’s special seasonal limited
Cold Tantanmen.
We use 100% unadjusted soy bean that contains effectiveness for beauty, health, and diet.
The spiciness of our special homemade chili oil also makes an appearance as it is being drawn as a beautiful arc.

Medetai Luxurious Roast Beef Ramen

SORANOIRO’s store owner Miyazaki,
created this ramen for the 10th anniversary for Tokyo Station’s Ramen Street with all his heart

This is a luxurious bowl of domestic roast beef, hung and grilled mochi pork’s chashu,
as well as smoked black tea duck. Please try this for sure!

Yamagata Komeyakata Genki Cherry Cold Noodle

This time, we used 25 Sato Nishiki cherries and American cherries,
as well as tempura wrapped in raw ham, cherry rice-flour dumplings,
mascarpone yogurt sauce, apple mint, and clove powder.

Cold Spice Tantanmen

We mixed with our homemade sesame sauce and animal-type of soup.
This is a bowl of ramen that makes you get addicted to its numbed spiciness.

As for the toppings, we have raw tomatoes, pork miso, shredded carrots, and Japanese spinach.
Last but not least, please enjoy the aroma from our original spice seasonings and yamane

Kimihime Corn Cold Noodle

This is a luxurious bowl of soup using one whole sweet corn with sugar content of 19 degree,
which was harvest from Kofu-shi, Yamanasi Prefecture.

The toppings are:
raw corn
corn butter
corn ball
low temperature chicken chashu

Please enjoy the sweetness and umami or the corns!

Soy Milk Cold Tantanmen

The popular menu “Soy Milk Cold Tantanmen” from SORANOIRO NAGOYA,
has now arrived in Tokyo.
Inside the mellow soy milk soup, is the numbed spiciness with chili oil and szechuan pepper.
Please try this SORANOIRO-styled cold tantanmen which is different from the other menus!

Mini Tomatoes Black Seasame Tantanmen

This is the 3rd cold noodle this year, the cold tantanmen.
This tantanmen is made with mini tomatoes with sugar content of 10 degrees which are harvested in Takenouchi’s farm in Hokkaido.
Let’s get through the hot summer with this spicy tantanmen.

Hokkaido Enbetsucho Mr. Takenouchi's Mini Tomato Cold Noodle

This popular limited menu from 2 years ago, has now revived!
Same as before, you will be able to enjoy the mini tomatoes with sugar content of 10 degrees in 3 different ways:
【As it is】【Homemade Dressing】【Tomato Kimchi】!

We use around more than 200g of tomatoes in one bowl, so please enjoy it!
As for change of flavours, we will also provide【Pressed Barley Basil】and【Yuzu Pepper】!

Okayama New Pione and Muscat Sparkling Cold Noodle 2019

We have harvested pione grapes and mascat grapes from Okayama again this year.
We have completed this arrangement of fruits ramen for everyone to enjoy.
Please enjoy the lightly salted pickled celeries, grape tempuras, and grape rice-flour dumplings!