《SORANOIRO ” Main Shop Koji-machi ~ japanese soup noodle free style ~》

The Ramen of SORANOIRO is the one which the owner MIYAZAKI would like to make presently. Richly watered special noodle suits the soup made from Pork, Chicken and shellfish. Also don’t miss our special roasted brand pork – “Seto no Mochi-Buta”.

Veggie Ramen
March 2019, Veggie Ramen was renewed first ever since we opened 8 years ago. The salt flavor sauce made with clam matches the soup made from agrichemical-free carrot and onion. Powder of Paprika is blended into noodles which is very tasty.

Salt flavor Ramen with various kind of herbs
Owner MIYAZAKI was inspired by Ramen Uzumaki in Akasaka to develop.
In one bowl, there are 7 to 10 kinds of daily fresh herbs and seasonal fruit. Only 5 bowls are available each for lunch and dinner every day.

Vegan soy sauce flavor Ramen
The soup is the mixture of veggie broth made from several dry foods like kelp as well as vegetables like tomato, broccoli etc, and the sauce made with “Gluten-free soy sauce”
If you change standard wheat noodle to Brown rice noodle, it turns to a complete “Gluten-free” Ramen.

Sichuan style spicy Vegan Ramen – Tan Tan Men
The soup of Tan Tan Men consists of “Gluten free” soy sauce, Veggie broth and sesame paste. This is one of the popular Ramen among SORANOIRO’s lineup.

Muscle Ramen
This Ramen was developed due to strong demand of high protein and low carbohydrates
You can take 80g of protein from one bowl.
Moreover protein is also blended into noodle, Tofu pulp is in the soup, 150g of chicken breast and seasoned egg are put on the noodle, so you must be full.