This is the official website of SORANOIRO Co., Ltd which was established in 2011 with the concept of "A ramen store that ladies would be able to come eat alone freely". We were the first in Japan to create the grand menu for the "Veggie Soba" (which the noodles, soup, and toppings were completely made from vegetables), the "Vegan Ramen" (which was mainly created for vegetarians), and last but not least, the "Gluten-free Ramen" (which was made for those with wheat allergy). We will introduce you to the menus from different locations, and provide the information for each store as well.



Message from Chihiro Miyazaki

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Message from the Representative Miyazaki

“For our future customers and the development of this industry”,
would you like to join SORANOIRO?

3 Main Characteristics

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3 Main Characteristics

1. You can study about cooking and ingredients
2. Training for ingredients as well as building relationships with manufacturers, and also providing training for entire employees
3. Salary, paid vacation, and benefits


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We will introduce you to our staffs,
as well as their causes for joining the company, and how they feel after working.

Sneak into SORANOIRO

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Learn More from Manga! SORANOIRO!

We will introduce you to the manga that helps you understand SORANOIRO's work better.

SORANOIRO Recruitment Requirements

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Recruitment Requirements

Recruitment requirements to full-time and part-time employees.