Joined in 2016 Tuen

Joined in 2016 Tuen : 「女性が1人でも気軽にラーメン屋に入れるように」と言うコンセプトで2011年に創業した 株式会社ソラノイロ公式サイトです。 麺スープトッピング全てに野菜を使用した「ベジソバ」 ベジタリアン向け「ヴィーガンラーメン」 小麦アレルギーの方向け「グルテンフリーラーメン」も日本で1番早くグランドメニューに取り入れています。 各店舗メニュー、店舗情報などをご紹介します。

Joined in 2016 Tuen


1. Please tell us the reason you joined the company

I like ramen so I want to work in the ramen industry.

2. Why did you choose SORANOIRO out of all the other stores?

I was really attracted to SORANOIRO’s Vegan Ramen, and out of the all I like the Veggie Ramen the most so I decided to choose SORANOIRO.

3. What was the final reason that led you to join the company

I started working in 2016, and because I felt like this is a place that allows me to continue working forever so I have decided on it.

4. Please tell us your career length in SORANOIRO

2016 Joined as a part-time employee
2019 Employed as a Full-time employee

5. When do you feel the motivation and fulfillment?

I feel really touched when I am complimented by customers and when they show me words of gratitude.

6. Please tell us your goal from now on

The nearest goal would be becoming a store manager.

7. What kind of people do you think would be suitable for SORANOIRO?

I think people who like ramen that uses vegetables and fruits would be suitable.