Chihiro Miyazaki

This is the official website of SORANOIRO Co., Ltd which was established in 2011 with the concept of "A ramen store that ladies would be able to come eat alone freely". We were the first in Japan to create the grand menu for the "Veggie Soba" (which the noodles, soup, and toppings were completely made from vegetables), the "Vegan Ramen" (which was mainly created for vegetarians), and last but not least, the "Gluten-free Ramen" (which was made for those with wheat allergy). We will introduce you to the menus from different locations, and provide the information for each store as well.


Chihiro Miyazaki


SORANOIRO Store Manager Chihiro Miyazaki

Ramen store business owner that created more than 200 different types of ramen.

He is also a consultant for developing restaurants and menus.

15 years old

Going on food tours for ramen


Worked at Ippudo for 10 years and 10 months, then became independent from his mentor Kawahara Narumi.
During the same year, he opened SORANOIRO at Kojimachi, the “Veggie Soba” that is mainly targeting female customers has brought attention to the industry, and became a huge topic.


Produced 「Stripe noodles」 in Kitadanicho, Okinawa. Created steak ramen and tomato veggie ramen mainly targeting U.S. Armed Forces.


Participated in Paris Ramen Week in Paris, France, and started the development of VEGAN ramen mainly for vegetarians. Started grand menu since March.


Created ramen made from gluten free noodles “Rice Flour Noodles” in the help of the farmers from Shimane.

In the same year, Kojimachi achieved the Bib Gourmand from Michelin Guide Tokyo, and it was published for the next 3 years after the achievement.


Engaged in the development of the products for Mister Donuts’ Mister Yumcha since April, and created 10 menus in 2 years, providing them to customers from around 800 restaurants across the country.


Produced the soba restaurant “Shinuchi Tanaka Soba” in Nago, Okinawa.


Engaged in Shinbusakiya’s vegan and gluten free menus from Shibuya, Tokyo.

There were over 200 different menus created during the past 8 years, and will still be continuing on.

Main Media Appearances of the Representative Miyazaki

2015 – An introduction of Miyazaki from Cross Road
2019 January – TV Champion  Miyazaki’s appearance on Ramen Craftsmen Championship
2019 June – LERDERS online publishment (article コチラ)
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SORANOIRO Representative Chihiro Miyazaki's "If I have a will, I have a way"